Thursday, January 1, 2009

Try Ubuntu(Linux) or Windows 7 Beta without disturbing existing OS.

You wanted to try an operating system such as or Ubuntu or Windows 7 Beta, but did not like the idea of disturbing your existing operating system such as Windows XP or Mac.

Well, VMware make it easier to install a guest operating system as an application on your existing (host) operating system. The required steps are given below:
  1. Download and install VMware Player
  2. Download and install BitTorrent if already not installed on your computer
  3. Go to the VMware Virtual Appliance page. Search and download the desired operating system such as Ubuntu or Windows 7 Beta. Write down the username and password given in the download page - you will need this info for the first time login
  4. If the download file is zipped, unzip it and extract the files to a directory
  5. Double click on the ".vmx" file and wait for the guest operating system to be launched.
Some observations:
  • VMware simulates the computer hardware, therefore an operating system installed on VMware will be slower than the operating system installed directly on hardware. In my experience, this slowdown is unnoticeable if you use a relatively newer computer.

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