Thursday, March 12, 2009

DELL and PowerDVD, Blue Ray problem


I bought a DELL Studio Mini computer in Dec, 2008. When I played Blue Ray discs using PowerDVD it showed only blank screen. Please note PowerDVD was successful in playing the title but did not play the movie, also the problem was not present for older discs.

Failed Attempts:

As advised by some websites I tried to update the MediaDirect s/w to the latest version, but it failed saying that the base version is not available in my computer.

Then I tried to update the graphics card driver (ATI Radeon HD 3450) using the version from the DELL site; the installation failed (could not load or assembly CLI.Implementation, version=...) leaving the graphics card driver s/w inoperable. I fixed the graphics card driver issue by uninstalling the driver (from the control panel) and downloading the latest driver version from the ATI Radeon site, but the Blue Ray disc problem was still not resolved.


Finally the problem got resolved when I uninstalled the PowerDVD s/w (from the control panel) and then reinstalling PowerDVD DX 8.1 from the installation CD came with the computer. Please make sure you have the installation disc available for PowerDVD before you uninstall it. When I tried to play the PowerDVD first time after the reinstallation, it downloaded updates from the DELL site.


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